CT Scan Test in Habra

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CT Scan Test in Habra
CT Scan Test in Habra

CT scan (Computed Tomography scan) can be done on any part of the body and it provides a detailed image of the body part examined compared to the normal X-ray scan. Imaging services are the keystone of health care. It uses the technology of an X-ray without the harmful effects. A CT Scan is used by doctors to look at a more comprehensive image of the human body. Including the organs, the bones, and any other part of your body as well. Whether your kid has injured his foot and requires an X-ray, or you have got a knee problem and require screening or someone you know has cancer or a cardiac issue, you need the best imaging services from a reputed diagnostic centre. The technique of imaging is highly effective as it exposes the most intricate parts of your internal body structures which are otherwise buried behind the flesh and bones. Sometimes, CT-Scans are performed using a dye or a contrast that is administered into the patient and this further helps in outlining the body organs properly to have a detailed analysis of the patient’s problem. CT-Scans are painless and assist in creating a very detailed picture.

Arogya Diagnostic Centre provides CT scan services in Habra and nearby areas like Guma, Bira, Thakur Nagar, Ashok Nagar, and many parts in North 24 Parganas at the most affordable prices and with our 24/7 service we are available at any time you might need us. CT Scan is an important test and it can lead to a breakthrough for your medical treatment. CT Scans can detect cancer which is found in the form of tumors. It can help detect intestinal problems such as an inflamed intestine.

CT (Computed Tomography) features:-

  • Advanced Multislice CT scanner from Siemens (16 slice Emotion)
  • Very fast and high-resolution imaging of brain, spine, abdomen, thorax, and other areas of the body
  • High-resolution imaging orbits, Paranasal sinuses & Mastoids
  • Multiplanar and 3-dimensional reconstruction of skull, spine, and other body parts
  • CT angiography of the brain, carotids, thoracic and abdominal vessels
  • Neuro DSA facility for brain angiography
  • CT guided FNAC and Biopsy of the chest and abdominal masses
  • CT guided spine biopsy
  • CT guided interventions like vertebroplasty & facet joint injection
  • Trauma imaging

Routine CT-Scan includes:-
Ncct & Cect of Brain, Cs spine, Ls spine, Dl spine, Dorsal Spine, Thorax, Adrinal, Kub, Abdomen, Whole Spine, Hrct Thorax, Urography, Orbits, Sella/Pituitary, Hip, Cv-Junction, Larynx, Nasopharynx, Pns, Shoulder, Wrist, face, Mandible, Cisternography, Extremities

To know more about CT scan Service visit https://arogyadiagnosticcentre.com/solution/high-speed-ct-scan/

Why Arogya?

  • Pioneer in the concept of ‘all diagnostic services under one roof’
  • Technical people with vast knowledge to support the services
  • Quality services with 20 years of experience
  • A Brand/goodwill built with dedication by serving lacs of customers
  • State of art diagnostics service dedicated to patients wellbeing

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