Diabetes is a silent killer

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India is the capital of a sneaky and silent killer ! Yes and the name of that is Diabetes.  This small eight letter word could be so very dangerous if not diagnosed in time and treated properly. Diabetes is a condition when pancreas won’t able to produce insulin which helps our body cells to produce energy from glucose. Diabetes is a silent killer because it slowly starts to damage other important organs of our body for example :Nephropathy ( kidney), Neuropathy ( nerves and feet), Retinopathy (eyes).

Diabetes is basically of three types:

Type1 diabetes,  Type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes ( this is generally happens during pregnancy and with proper medication it can be controlled,  otherwise it can be life threatening for both mother and baby)

Type 1 diabetes generally happens to children because of  various reasons like unhealthy food habits,  lack of exercise,  which will cause overweight or obesity and can inherent from family.  So what happens in this type of diabetes is that your own immune system destroy the cells which produce insulin in the pancreas. There is no cure for this but it can be managed by our modern treatment facilities. Like the missing insulin replaced by the insulin pump or insulin injection. This modern facility improved the quality of life of a diabetes children. Diabetes from family members or genetics may not be changed but lifestyle eating style can definitely be changed. For such a deadly disease it is a very small sacrifice you need to do and that is eat healthy and do exercise regularly.

Type 2 diabetes is the one for-which the name silent killer is more appropriate. In this scenario blood sugar increase slowly and gradually. With type 2 diabetes your body may produce insulin but it won’t help to produce energy by breaking glucose . In such case either your body become resistant of insulin or the insulin produced are not sufficient enough to control the blood sugar. The main threat is that it is often unrecognized for a person as sometime you may not have any symptoms. Diagnosed with diabetes may be very challenging but with early diagnosis and proper treatment it can be controlled. You can always lower your risk of diagnosed with diabetes by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Like eat well avoid junk foods, maintain a healthy weight , exercise regularly and screened for type 2 diabetes every year. If you are 40 plus then you should be more careful. Diabetes if it is diagnosed early it is easy to control that but if it is diagnosed later stage it can be lethal. So please do maintain a healthy lifestyle and take proper suggestions from your doctor before it’s too late.

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