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Diagnostic Centre in Habra


Arogya Diagnostic Centre offers state of art medical facilities in the city of Habra. We are committed to providing the best and the most accessible healthcare services in Habra. Our commitment to your health and safety is of utmost importance. Our services range from CT Scans, Pregnancy Scans, Endoscopys, X-Rays, Tests for Thyroid and the ongoing COVID-virus and more. We have in our arsenal the most upgraded and powerful equipment handled by well trained professionals in order to provide you the best medical care required. We have been helping patients from all around Kolkata and Habra to receive the best medical facilities. Our healthcare is not only state of art and is also very affordable and hence, availed by patients in Habra and all around Kolkata. Our mission is to extend professional healthcare services all around Habra and Kolkata. Our staff is assistive as well as professionaly trained to help you.

Range of Services provided by AROGYA DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE

Arogya Diagnostic Centre offers a high range of services for everyone ranging from X-Ray tests, Thyroid Tests, COVID-tests etc. We are open 365 days a year so that we may extend these state of art medical services in Habra. Some of the services that we provide are High Speed CT Scan, 4D Pregnancy Scan, UGS TVS, Peripheral Ultrasonography, Echocardiography etc. All these services can be availed at a very low price. Because of our commitment to quality and state of art medical care, we are one of the best medical centers available in Habra for all of your medical needs. Arogya is committed to providing consistently superior quality health care services to address the day-to-day health care needs of the family to maximize convenience and comfort. Arogya, is an integrated model and offers facilities for Diagnostics, Preventive Health Checks under one roof.

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