32 slice revolution CT scan in Ashoknagar and Habra

32 slice revolution CT scan in Ashoknagar and Habra

Are you in need of CT scan but worried about test results and cost? Don’t worry Arogya Diagnostics Centre happens to conduct CT scan with the latest 32 slice revolution CT scanner which is operated by professionals. We tend to prioritize patient health over anything thus we only use best technology and hire qualified professionals so we provide accurate results. We also understand these test can be costly and could easily drain out budget for many people so we only charge only the necessary amount nothing extra or hidden, so we could help as many families as we can.  Although we understand this is not a decision to be taken lightly, who are new to us can easily doubt about authenticity of test reports, after all no one would want to compromise with the health of their loved ones, And nor does we. We have done reports for many families over the past 30 years and created a name for us in West Bengal, Arogya Diagnostics Centre known for its friendly environment and staffs that are assistive to patient and of course accurate test results.

32 Slice Revolution CT Scan

In order to get best results we use only the best techs available, and that applies for CT scan also. A 32 slice revolution CT scanner is generally provide a longer coverage per gantry rotation than 16 slice scanners, which results in shorter examination times and reduced likelihood of motion artifacts. This decreases the chances of errors and improves efficiency which means best results in lesser time. Arogya Diagnostics Centre in Ashoknagar, 24 Pgs (N). W.B. India. always working hard to provide the accurate results in lesser cost for this goal we always adapting new technologies at our clinic.

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As always, you can expect cost savings and Quality Service for 32 slice revolution CT scan in Ashoknagar and Habra. For additional information or guidance you can always contact us but if you want to know more about us or about our services then Click here also reach us on Facebook from here.

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