Blood Test In Habra Ashoknagar

Blood Test In Habra Ashoknagar

Blood test is an important part of pathology and also a way to keep track of your overall well-being. And it is don’t by many pathology labs around the world. Though it may seem most common test but it has huge impact in modern medical procedures. So one thing need to keep in my mind that the test results must be on point, no compromise allowed for the simple reason that compromise in result means compromise in treatment and that can be fetal. So we at Arogya Diagnostic Centre keep a promise we made to the humanity that no matter what we will only deliver accurate results to and no flaws. We value the lives of our patients and we are tirelessly working to be the reason they can get back to their daily life healthy.

Blood tests provide a crucial picture of your overall health and well-being. These investigations aid in the early identification of an illness, which in turn, can avoid its progression into more severe stages. They can also help you in putting a tab on how well your body responds to different treatments for your diseases. A drop of blood can provide us many information and based on that we run many tests and generate reports. So some of the blood test we do at our centre is below.

What tests we conduct

  1. Complete blood count (Hemogram)
  2. Electrolytes panel
  3. Liver panel
  4. Lipid panel
  5. Thyroid panel
  6. Test for essential nutrients
  7. Inflammatory markers

So if you are in need of blood test in Ashoknagar, Habra, West Bengal then just give as a call at our toll free number which you will get in our Contact us page along with whatsapp number and mail id, and for more info about our other services you can check our website (

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